The incredible horse poo scoop that shovels sh*t like a champion!


8 Awesome Colours

The DUNGBEETLE brings a splash of colour to clean-up time



STRONG as a Clydesdale. VERSATILE as a schoolmaster. COLOURFUL as a jockey’s jersey.

The DUNGBEETLE is the King of horse manure scoops.  Lightweight, yet incredibly strong,  It's clever design is  adept at picking up poo in stables, the arena or field and great for keeping handy in your trailer.

Say goodbye to frustrations with flimsy metal scrapers, shovels that snap, awkward forks that can’t carry much poo. Or even worse, resorting to getting your gloves on and picking up by hand!   The DUNGBEETLE does the work of a whole army of shovels, rakes & forks, (and looks WAY more stylish to boot!).

The DUNGBEETLE makes clean-up duty quick and easy – it’s a pooper-scooping revolution!

The Dungbeetle is the King of manure scoops

Picks up Poop. Leaves arena + bedding behind. Stows neatly.

Stop wasting money throwing away bedding material and the arena surface! The DUNGBEETLE has a specifically designed slotted base. The scoop does the sifting, not the sweeper. It’s like panning for gold – with a few simple shakes the nuggets are safely caught in the scoop while valuable material gets sifted out and stays behind where it belongs.

The sweep, with its cute DUNGBEETLE face, stows away snugly in its moulded holder on the back of the scoop.

Strong + durable

The DUNGBEETLE’s superior workmanship means a long lifespan and years of hard service.

Standard plastic poo scoops are mass-produced with injection moulding – it’s fast and cheap, and produces a flimsy material that isn’t strong in all directions.  They become brittle with age and exposure to the elements.

DUNGBEETLES are made using rotational moulding. This slower, more labour-intensive process intertwines the individual polymer strands – creating a material renowned for superior strength, durability, UV & frost tolerance, and resistance to cracking. Our handles are made from super-strong anodised aluminium.

Strong + Durable Horse Poo Scoop

Saving the arena demonstration

Carries a sh*tload of poo

No more tedious one-poo-at-a-time scooping or using awkward forks where precariously balanced poo readily falls off the sides.

The DUNGBEETLE’S robust strength and deep scoop design can pick up and carry large loads with ease. The ability to handle wheelbarrow-sized amounts of manure in one go means fewer back-and-forth trips needed to dump each load.

Where are DUNGBEETLES made?

In China?  NO WAY !!!   All DUNGBEETLES purchased from this website are proudly produced in the United Kingdom by JSC Rotational Ltd. with the same love, care and attention that you give to your horse.    JSW 4 JUMPS are our wonderful distributers.   Check out their website for all their other amazing products. 

DUNGBEETLE head office is located in Melbourne, Australia & owned by frustrated horse husbands, Ian & Leigh.

Just like the nuggets it’s designed to pick up, the DUNGBEETLE is made from 100% recyclable materials. Should you ever decide to give up horse riding, you can put it straight in your backyard recycle bin.


World-renowned rider and trainer Tristan Tucker loved his first DUNGBEETLE so much he felt compelled to film and video review (and then he ordered 5 more DUNGBEETLES!)

“This is the Rolls-Royce, the Aston Martin, the McLaren version of pooper scooping … a beautiful piece of equipment … The king of the pooper-scooping army!” 


"Lifts a load of poo with ease: I give it 5 stars"

"My groom just loves it. Cos I ain't doing it"

"All I can say is I smelt it, I dealt with it and I love it"

“I just herd to get one of each colour”

“The Dungbeetle deals with dung discreetly”